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The benefits of a customized blanket for your child

Children are creatures of habit, often finding a source of comfort in a favourite teddy bear or even a customized blanket. While some children do not need this, some who might battle with sensory overload, or even just dislike crowded spaces and being among strangers, would battle to calm themselves in certain situations. What can we, as parents, do to manage this and help our children?

A trip to Legoland or a theme park sounds like a fun outing, and while it can be, it can often be an overwhelming event for a child.

Mothers are told that their children need to sleep a certain amount of hours per night, eat certain foods, as well as be able to self-soothe when they are tired or overwhelmed. This, however, is not always possible, as some children might have difficulty in soothing themselves. Having a comfort item, such as a soft … Read the rest

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